What is old fashioned fudge?

Fudge is a mixture of butter, cream and sugar.  The first document of it was around the 1800's.  Nowadays you can find it made many ways but nothing compares to the old fashioned way!

What we offer

From Old fashioned fudge to Soft chewy caramels and chocolate treats

Old fashioned fudge

Fudge in the original form.  Cream, butter and sugar.  12 flavors to choose from, vintage favorites like chocolate and vanilla to new flavors whiskey and lemon blueberry.

Soft chewy caramels

These soft chewy caramels come in 3 flavors.  Apple, chocolate and salted.  all dipped in couverture chocolate and wrapped individually to savor or share.

Chocolate goodies

We use our soft chewy caramel and dip pretzel rods into it then submerge them into couverture chocolate.  Or our delicious chocolate bark.

How we started.

Side Hustle Fudge started in fall of 2019, when I was looking to bring in old fashion fudge to the store I was working in.  When I could not find any I decided to make it myself.  I was also looking for a part time job that was flexible so I could work around my kids schedule. 

Each batch of Side Hustle Fudge is made in small batches, with real ingredients.  Milk, cream, butter and sugar.  that is all.  We offer old favorites such as Canadian Maple and Chocolate too soon to be your new favorite, Cookies & Cream, Whiskey and Lemon Blueberry.